The Relation Between Excess Body Fat And Cholesterol

It’s quite obvious that if you are dealing with overweight issue, you’re going to be plagued by many health related problems. There is a strong possibility that you are going to be affected by high blood pressure along with diabetes. Being obese or overweight can significantly increase the risk of stroke and heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the entire world.

While talking about that very important subject, one issue that people sometimes underestimate has to do with the level of body fat connected to your cholesterol levels. 

Let us try to delve deeper regarding what that is all about.

The Diet Plan That You Currently Have

As far as body fat is concerned the very first thing that has to be taken into consideration and how it’s connected to your cholesterol is completely dependent on how you gained that fat in the first place – the diet plan that you are subject to on a daily basis.

The main cause of obesity is the fact that those individuals indulge in consuming way too much unhealthy foods such as fast along with convenience food.

Keep that in mind, people don’t become obese as a result of their diet contain far too many fresh fruits along with vegetables and whole grains as well as lean proteins. These types of foods have low calorie content, which means that you cannot gain such amount of excess body fat even by eating them excessively.

Accumulation of excess body fat occurs primarily because of the kinds of foods being consumed by people meaning that these foods contain high levels of saturated fat along with cholesterol; consequently, this will in turn increase their overall cholesterol level.

While it is possible, although very unlikely that an individual can become overweight by consuming excessive amount of healthy fats (for example eating large amounts of nuts, peanut butters, as well as oils), however that would not cause them to suffer from high cholesterol problem.

Exercise Is Ignored Completely

The second main reason as to why that people become overweight or obese which can potentially lead to high cholesterol levels is because most of these people don’t exercise which aggravates the problem.

Becoming overweight is connected directly to ingesting way too many calories while burning less. This occurs when people are indulging in eating foods that contain high levels of calories while not doing sufficient physical activity that would enable them to burn these calories off.

People who are much more active regarding exercising and who are not overweight or obese may not experience nearly the same degree of blood cholesterol levels as individuals who are not active.

The great thing about exercise is that it’s very powerful in dealing with high levels of cholesterol. There is no doubt about that, exercise is also critical concerning burning excess body fat along with calories.

It’s of great importance that there should be a reasonable balance between both exercise and diet because if you are exercising while eating foods that contain high levels of saturated fats this will negatively affect your overall cholesterol as well. The point is to exercise while eating in a healthy manner.

In short, you have some important insight regarding the relation that exists between both high levels of cholesterol and high levels of body fat. Therefore, it’s imperative that you take a bold approach when it comes down to addressing your body fat level in order to keep away from the horrible health consequences associated with high cholesterol. You have to start off by developing a healthy eating plan under the recommendation of a professional dietitian that comprises the vital nutrients the body needs and exercise regularly.