The Reason Why Antioxidants Are So Important

Antioxidants really play a critical role in the prevention of cellular damage in the body, which is the leading cause for cancer, aging, along with a number of diseases that people are struggling with. With this in mind, there is a group of essential atoms within your body that carry the name of free radicals that interact primarily with certain molecules. Well, these interactions can be quite helpful at some extent because they have the potential to destroy bacteria; however, there is a huge possibility that free radicals may interact with other cells or DNA, when that happens serious damage to the body or death may occur.

In fact, there are a number of diseases that are linked to cell damage and death such as cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease as well as Alzheimer’s, stroke along with heart attack.

The bad news is that there are several other ailments and diseases free radicals are believed to be the main culprit of. However, our bodies are built with a defense mechanism known as antioxidant which purpose is to combat those free radicals, which can detrimentally affect our bodies. Free radicals do pose a serious danger to our cells; therefore, it is imperative that we boost the defense system of our body. On the other hand, the good news is that can even be done in a delicious as well as nutritious manner.

Fruits are a great source of antioxidant especially berries which are loaded with Vitamins C, E, as well as carotenes. Berries contain other critical nutrients such as zinc, which boost the immune system so that it can be effective in dealing with colds, calcium, which aids in making both our bones as well as teeth very strong, along with fiber, which brings down blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Fiber also aids in promoting healthy digestion. Berries contain a relatively low level of sugar compared to other fruits.

Although, it is quite feasible to boost your immune system so that it can be better equipped to deal with free radicals in an efficient and effective way; however, you will never be able to eliminate them completely in your body. The problem is that free radicals can be created by just everything— even exercising which might be quite shocking to you. As mentioned earlier, there are proper steps that can be taken in order to fight their detrimental impacts on the body by incorporating a healthy serving of berries into your diet. So, having a well-balanced diet is very important in that regard.

Here are few tips that you should always take into great consideration when shopping for antioxidants as well nutrients rich berries.

Color is critical. The antioxidants content is directly proportionate to the color of the berry, meaning that the darker the berry, the more antioxidants it contains. So, in that case, both blueberries and blackberries are filled with antioxidants.

Buy organic whenever you get the chance to. Nonorganic farms make use of pesticides, which can be problematic and that is one of the main reasons you have to make sure berries are always washed properly before consuming them. In the event that you can’t find organic berries, nonorganic can be used as a substitute.

Consider buying fresh berries. It’s proven that when fruits are fresh their nutrients are pretty much intact, that’s why it’s good practice that you consider buying fresh berries because they contain the strongest antioxidants punch. You can rather incorporate fresh fruit (in cereal, as snack, or in smoothies).

Smoothie. One of the alternatives that you can use in order to consume berries is smoothie. This particular alternative is perfect when you are away from home. Smoothie also gives you the opportunity to include a number of other fruits which will provide you minerals, vitamins, along with well-needed antioxidants that will further empower the bodies to fight against free radicals. 

In short, with these helpful tips given above you are now ready to boost your defense system, so that it can defeat free radicals’ harmful tendencies big time. As sicknesses are taking a toll on so many people, we have the option to eat in a certain way that will provide us a level of protection from these diseases. Indeed, we can improve our overall health quality if we are willing to do the right thing.