The Problem With Processed Foods

One of the stories that can be quite hilarious over the internet in reality can involve, of all things, even a McDonald’s Happy Meal. It’s been said that New York Artist whose name is Sally Davies bought a Happy Meal at Micky D’s instead of eating it, she put it on a shelf in the apartment where she lived. She took a picture of the Happy Meal one year later; everyone was stunned to learn that the food actually looked exactly the same way as it had been brought.

But, beyond being hilarious it’s also important to notice that McDonald makes an attempt to prove the public that their food really does mold. In fact, this story is intended to illustrate an important, although counterintuitive, point regarding that:

It’s critical that your food should mold.

The truth is that any type of food that is capable of staying fresh for a long period of time is filled with preservatives as well as other type of chemicals designed specially to increase longevity. The danger is that those chemicals can cause problems such as:

     Make you more likely to become obese.
     Highly increase your risk of having heart disease as well as diabetes.
     Cause you to have serious craving issue with the same foods.

Speaking about this, our bodies are ineffective when it comes down to metabolizing foods loaded with preservatives. What that inefficiency does is it generally slows down your metabolism process of the body. With that being said, it does not really matter if you have a healthy dinner after having a prepackaged lunch at the store located nearby, your body will not be able to use to full effect those nutrients along with calories. In this case, you are more prone to gain weight instead of losing. 

Admittedly, avoiding all processed foods may be an impossible task. It may even be not necessary in some instances because frozen fruits and vegetables, while they are not as good as fresh, yet they are incapable of doing you any harm. However, it’s good practice to take out as much chemically processed foods along with foods that are enhanced as possible. Here are a few suggestions that can help you:

1) Pay close attention to food label: This is very important because it enables to have an idea about what constitutes a particular food. In the event that you cannot pronounce most of the ingredients in your meal, this may be an indication as to why you probably should not be eating it.

2) Take a look precisely at the very first ingredients: We are not saying that you should consume a bag filled of potato chips, however, if you do, potatoes should be the first ingredients that appears on the label. If it turns out that thing as high fructose, corn syrup is among the first ingredients, all you simply have to do is leave it where you find it and move on.

3) Ensure that you plan meals…of grocery shopping: In the even that you go to the supermarket and don’t have a general idea concerning what you need, then you are more prone of purchasing things that a) You won’t even use, or b) you should not take into your body. Vegetables, fruits, along with meats spoil that are unpreserved, so you have smaller window in which you can make use of them. It’s much more convenient that you go to the grocery store having a list of only what you need, so that you can avoid spending money on things that are unnecessary which may not even be good for your health.