The Fat Utilization Process

Once you start moving towards your goal of fat loss, you must make sure to properly understand how fat in your body is burned as you start losing weight. When it comes down to diet, there are three chief nutrients, namely proteins, carbohydrates and dietary fats. Proteins break into amino acids, dietary fats break into free fatty acids and triglycerides and carbohydrates breaks into glucose.

If you are having a diet rich in macronutrients and energy, the body use glucose as a chief source of fuel which is what it is meant for.

However, if glucose in not available in enough quantity due to your deliberate attempt to reduce intake of carbohydrates, then in such a situation your body will start breaking down fats to meet its energy requirements, which will be quite beneficial for you as you will be losing a good amount of excessive body fat.

Allow us to explain you the breakdown process so that you get an overall idea of what lipolysis is.

Hydrolysis Process

Hydrolysis is a process where body fat or stored lipids are broken down in triglycerides with the free fatty acids. This is the moment when lipolysis begins.


The triglycerides are transferred to the blood through molecules known as lipoproteins. Once this happens they experience a process called lipolysis that further breaks them to glycerol & free fatty acids.

The broken down free fatty acids give energy to the surrounding cells which need it when glycerol is transferred in the stream of blood to kidneys or liver and gets absorbed and converted to glycerol 3-phosphate.

How exercise helps in increasing the Lipolysis Rate

In order to increase the speed of breakdown of fat and energy utilization you need to indulge into some sort of physical activity.

However, always remember that to make your body utilize free fatty acids as a source of fuel while doing an exercise, you need to maintain your level of intensity at low pace. In case, if you increase the intensity all too sudden, your body will crave for glucose as a source of energy and because the glucose is not available your body will not be able to perform at higher intensity for better results.

Hence, it is better to go for low intensity exercise, such as taking a brisk walk, casual bike ride or swimming.

Though, you will not be burning higher levels of calories while doing these low intensity exercises, still it will majorly increase the fatty acid burning rate. Since your body fat is being broken as a source of energy you will be losing a good amount of fat from your body. If you stick to this routine, a day will come when you will become lighter and healthier and feel better about yourself. Not to mention the reduced risk of diseases which you faced when you were overweight.

Final Note

Your goal is to lose excess weight in order to be healthy, strong, as well as fit. Because when you are carrying around excess body fat there is a lot going on the inside of you that can potentially pose you to serious risk of developing life threatening diseases. In that case, the state of your health and well-being should be a top priority. In order for the weight loss process to be carried out successfully, it’s expedient that you have some level of knowledge regarding how certain fat loss concepts work.

Well, there is not a magic solution when it comes down to losing weight safely and healthily, there is no quick results either, so the process will be based on your willingness to stay committed to both your diet and exercise plan in order to burn body fat continuously until you achieve your weight goal. It’s not easy, nor is it something that comes quickly, however it’s entirely attainable with a strong will, dedication, and persistence.