The Amount Of Calories In A Pear

Sugars constitute most calories contained in a pear. In the event that you find yourself wondering regarding calorie count in a pear, the type of pear being eaten has to be taken into consideration in that case. Pears come into different varieties and types such as raw pears, dried pears, canned pears in juice as well as pears with varying syrups. When it really comes down to fruit the number of calories is directly proportionate to the serving size, so the size of a pear determines it calorie count. Listed below is the calorie count of pears according to their own types.

To give a little bit of background concerning that fruit, the pear is an edible fruit in the genus Pyrus that falls within the family of Rosacea. A typical pear, which weighs 170 grams usually, has about 60 calories. Pears are considered one of the most popular fruit found all around the world. This fruit is very rich in fiber as well as Vitamin C; pears do not contain sodium, cholesterol, along with fat. There are well over 3,000 different types of this fruits that are grown in various places in the world. However, every one contains its own flavor along with texture.

Pear calorie count according to USDA:
One medium (178 grams) – 102 calories
100 grams – 57 calories
One cup, slices (140 grams) – 80 calories
One small (148 grams) – 85 calories
One cup, cubes (161 grams) – 92 calories
One NLEA serving (166 grams) – 95 calories
One large (230 grams) – 131 calories

Asian pears:
100 grams – 42 calories
One fruit 2-1/4 inches high x 2-1/2 inches diameter (122 grams) – 51 calories
One fruit 3-3/8 inches high x 3 inches diameter (275 grams) – 116 calories

Pears, Bartlett:
100 grams – 63 calories
One cup, sliced (140 grams) – 88 calories
One small (152 grams) – 96 calories
One large (227 grams) – 143 calories
One medium (177 grams) – 112 calories

Pears in snacks

With this in mind, this fruit is incredibly good for snacks or can be added to a packed lunch in order to add more flavor. Interestingly, there are quite a number of recipes in which fruits of the Pyrus genus are used extensively. The low calorie count of this fruits make it an attractive alternative when it comes down to incorporating them into recipes. They can make great breakfast smoothie by blending them with orange, ice, sugar along with soymilk or vanilla.

Pears help in losing weight

If you are interested in losing weight pears can be incorporated as part of your diet plan. It has been proven that a single pear packs can provide you up to 15% of the amount of fiber that is recommended to be taken daily. A study that was conducted found that women who consumed three pears on a daily basis ingest fewer calories and shed more weight than those who did not. The skin of the peach is also loaded with fiber.

In short, as mentioned earlier there are several different types of pears and their nutritional content vary from one type of pear to another. Furthermore, there is also a significant variability regarding the number of calories a single pear contains because it is largely dependent from one source to another, which is the reason why all measurements are pretty much approximate. Therefore, pears can make great low calories snacks that everyone can happily enjoy.