Some Popular Ideas Concerning Low Calorie Meals

There is not that many alternatives available concerning low calorie meals as far as healthy eating along with healthy living go. So, eating low calorie meals is not only helpful to keeping your waistline in shape, but they are quite effective in maintaining your health as well as keeping many diseases from affecting your body. Sometimes you can indulge in some high calorie diet; however, it’s always best to make sure that low calorie fare is kept strictly for regular meals.

Another key aspect to consider regarding low calorie meals is the fact that they put your grocery budget on check as well. Which is contrary to what many people believe that healthy food is expensive, but in most cases, you will spend less money on low calorie meals than food rich in quotient.

Here is a great list of a few popular ideas for tasty low calorie meals that will not cost you that much of money.

Chinese Chicken

Chicken Chinese stir fry on the top of steamed noodles or rice is an ethic meal that people who enjoy simple along with delicious food really like to consume. In order to prepare that special meal all you need is a little part of chicken breast, which has no bones along with one bag of frozen vegetables. The recipe is not that hard to prepare. Furthermore, the number of calories this meal contains is quite low compared to other unhealthy meals.


Pozole is another type of meal, which does not contain high level of calories. When preparing this meal the only thing that will cost you some money is the pork tenderloin. Nevertheless, the good news is that just a small amount should be enough for the recipe. Make sure that preparation is based entirely on healthy ingredients like hominy. The reason is that will bring down the calorie intake, which will save you from making use of any large quantity or even costly meat and will still provide you a tasty and hearty meal.


As far as simple food is concerned, sandwiches are considered as a staple preparation. Many people are not that interested in that meal because of the idea that sandwiches are loaded with cold cuts. However, all you have to implement in order to avoid these cold cuts is a little bit more planning. Fish sandwiches, for instance, are a yummy alternative. You can include something like coleslaw in order to reduce the calorie quotient further, and to make it into a well-balanced meal.


Obviously, it’s likely that you will have a strong tendency to think that burgers in most cases can’t be considered as low calorie meals. Well, it certainly can if you remove the meat from it. You can rather use the regular burger condiments – only ensure that you replace the meat patty by using a black beans patty instead.


Oatmeal is also something to consider as well because of its low caloric content. Several studies have confirmed that oatmeal is proven to work in reducing cholesterol level within the body. There was a also wonderful study that was conducted by Dr. James Anderson’s for 12 years at the University of Kentucky, he lost about three pounds within a matter of two months by simply adding (3.5 ounces) of oat brain to their food intake on a daily basis. 3 pounds within two months is not that much and you should not expect some kind of miracle out of oat either, however it’s good to include it as part your balanced diet for total health. 

You are free to think about as many ideas for healthy low calorie meals that you can use in order to improve your eating habit. The bottom line is that even high calorie diets that you may have used to stay away from can become low calorie ones by using a bit of creative tweaking. As a final point, use your imagination and healthy eating will be an enjoyable task for both you and your family.