How To Effectively Use Journal In Order To Stay Motivated

As you already know, motivation is very hard to keep, especially when things are not heading into the right direction as expected. If you find yourself struggling with your motivation, you can find great comfort in knowing that this is totally a normal occurrence. Lot of people struggle from time to time with their motivation levels. However, the one who will succeed are those who rise above discouragement and frustration by pressing on as hard as they can to their weight loss goal.

Rather than being caught up by the fact that you’re not motivated enough, what you really want is to develop a good game plan that can keep you on track by bringing these motivational levels right back up again. With that being the case, this is where having a journal comes heavily into play. By spending some of your time using a good journal daily to track your progress, you can always turn to it in order to get a little bit of motivational boost whenever you feel like your motivation’s level is going down.

Well, let’s take a glimpse at some of the facts that you truly need to know, so that you are able to journal properly in order to increase your motivation when needed.

Take Pictures

When it comes right down to that, the first thing that you can do in order to make your journal to be more effective is to ensure that your progress pictures are included within. The main reason is that very often it’s difficult to notice differences in our bodies when we look at ourselves daily.

Nonetheless, when you take a look back after a period of time – let’s say three or four weeks, then you will notice there’s some differences with respect to how you’re moving along. Having progress pictures will help you to come to the sheer realization along with getting the sense that all your sacrifices are actually paying off.

List Your Weight Lifted

Next, it’s imperative that you take the proper time in order to write down just how much weight that you’ve lifted during each workout session. Doing that allows you to look at your workout program and see how much progress that you’ve made from that perspective. Bear in mind that any gains in strength do highlight progress also, even if things are not going downwards as you would like.

If you’re lifting more weight throughout your workout session, this possibly means that you’ve built some new lean muscle mass which in turn could be the reason why the scale hasn’t moved down at the moment. You should not be that concerned about that because lean muscles will significantly help you to remain leaner down the road, thus it’s a clear indication that you’re heading in the right direction.

List How You Feel About Your Day

Listing the way that you feel about your day is of great importance as well as far as doing your journal is concerned. Do you experience frustration, anger, discouragement or do you experience confusion over your program entirely? Bring these thoughts and feelings under control can help notice trends within your behavior pattern and that can allow you to get an idea concerning how to deal with these negative feelings, so that you can stick to your program until you get your desired results.

For instance, if you find yourself into a situation in which you’re often feeling both sad and lonely and catering to food as a means to comfort yourself, this is a clear indication that you should try to expand your social network or seek counselling if necessary. In the event that you’ve never had the chance to journal your feelings however, you would have never found out this and may have just continued on as you were as a result.

Having said all of that, a journal is proven to be a very effective instrument in boosting motivation thus empowers you to be persistent and consistent with your program. By having a good journal in place, a great workout program, a good diet, and an effective appetite suppressant like Phen375, and proper goals so you can have a clear idea relating to where you want to move in will make sure that you’re always taking positive steps towards great success in the long run.