Find Out The Main Causes of Obesity

In the event that you find yourself in a serious struggle with weight gain, it is imperative that you learn all the adverse consequences associated with obesity and how you can better deal with that issue in a sensible way. Being classified as obese is completely dependent on how much excess weight you currently have on your body. As for now, you may not be considered as obese, but if you continue with the same eating habit that is causing you to gain weight continuously, it may not take that long before you cross the obesity threshold.

Obesity is defined as having too much body fat. Keep that in mind, it’s not the same as being overweight. Consider this also, that excess amount of body fat does not happen overnight, it’s something that has been accumulated over a period of time. The danger of excess body fat is that they may wrap themselves around the inner organs that could be problematic for your health in the long run. Therefore, if your mass body index is above 30, this automatically puts you in the obese category, that simply means it’s critical that you deal with that threat right away.

We are going to examine closely some of the important facts that you should be aware of regarding the issue of obesity.

The Cause of Obesity

Occasionally, obesity is caused by certain medical conditions. If you are gaining excessive weight but haven’t made any significant diet or lifestyle changes, go see your doctor to determine whether or not this weight gain can be explained by a medical condition.

More often, obesity is caused by poor diet and lifestyle choices. This means that people are eating too much and exercising too little. When a person is taking in an excess of calories and not burning them off, they will gain weight.

Eating too many fatty foods is particularly harmful to the body because of how many more calories fat has per gram when compared to carbohydrates and proteins. For that reason, it is important for people to consider the types of daily activities they engage in and eat accordingly to avoid additional weight gain and to help begin their journey toward weight loss.

People normally used to go out in order to recreate themselves, nowadays people spend a lot more time watching TV or sitting behind their computers. This really causes a significant drop in the amount of daily calorie burns while calorie intakes have increased dramatically. Consequently, in that case you will carry on a daily basis an excess calorie; in order words, you will always burn off far less calories than you intake.

Consider this again, in order to gain one pound of body fat it takes a total of 3,500 calories added on what you burn daily. In that regard, even if you intake 500 calories daily that would be equivalent to gaining one pound weekly.

At the same token, there are many people with big appetites and oftentimes who don’t pay that much attention to eating in a healthy manner. It’s quite possible they may well be consuming over 1,500 calories daily; so, this clearly explains why obesity is running wild in today’s society.

Health Issues Related To Obesity

As for now, you should have at least a clear idea regarding what causes obesity in the first place, what are the adverse effects of it on the body. In fact, being obese can detrimentally affect your overall health quality. By saying that, there is a significant number of diseases as well as bad health conditions that are directly connected to obesity; therefore, we have a lot to say regarding that matter.

If you are obese, you are more prone to develop diabetes. Because of the fact that there is a strong connection between being overweight and diabetes, the more you are gaining weight, the higher is your risk.

Being overweight can cause you to become very vulnerable to cardiovascular disease by placing unnecessary strain on your heart. You can also be at risk of stroke, along with hypertension; consequently, these are the health conditions that you should be worried about.

The excess amount of weight that you have accumulated will exert intense amount of pressure on your joints and bones of the body, this should not take you as a surprise if you frequently experience pain.

Individuals who are overweight set themselves to a much greater risk of developing cancer, which can pose a serious threat to your life due to the fact that cancer kills many people on a yearly basis.

Obesity also causes many people to develop asthma, which compounds the problem to a much greater extent because it makes it become a nightmare to exercise.

The worst thing about obesity is that it literally puts people in situation through which it becomes very hard to get out as a result of many health conditions associated with it. That means people may feel like there is no way they can overcome that terrible issue.

It’s important to realize that it’s always one thing to gain weight and it’s something entirely different to lose it. Consequently, obese individuals are more likely to give up when trying to get their body back to a healthy weight. Instead, they continue with the same eating habit oftentimes in part for comfort, which aggravates the problem.

There are also mental conditions such as depression or anxiety disorder linked to obesity. Those who are struggling with obesity as well as depression will start eating regularly for emotional reasons – being alone, having low self-esteem, and so forth. Well, the problem is that emotional eating will make the condition even worse. Numerous studies that have been conducted on the issue of emotional eating have confirmed that it can potentially sabotage people’s health.

How To Combat Obesity

We successfully cover all the known negative impacts of obesity; we will talk further about the proper steps that can be taken in order to overcome that problem. If you have been struggling with obesity for quite some time; perhaps, you might be wondering how can I really help myself?

In that case, the very first thing that you should do is to start working on a diet. It’s very likely that people who are overweight will have a hard time exercising because of not being comfortable to be doing any exercise except very light walking in the beginning which is not that much of a problem, but with so much weight to lose it’s critical that you have a great diet plan.

Because obese people have developed such a bad eating habits, it will not take them that long in order to experience some positive results, as long they are willing to make some adjustments in their eating habits. Therefore, they can get back on track for success right away with a very few of small changes.

You can start by abstaining from simple sugars like candy, soda, chips, along with any other snack foods that contain high levels of fat and calorie. For this reason, you can shed 10 to 20 pounds by implementing this alone.

After implementing that adjustment, then you can start focusing on other areas of your diet plan by making changes such as reducing processed carbohydrates (or carbohydrates in general), high fat cuts of meat along with dairy, as well as cutting back on consumption of beverages containing calories.

Well, that change does not have to be extreme – for quite a number of people struggling with obesity, they can start losing weight progressively until they reach the moderately overweight category by implementing just a few adjustments to their diet plan.

Once they get to that moderately overweight level, they can be much more aggressive by concentrating on drastic changes and perhaps going on a structured diet in order to continue to lose the excess weight and get back to a healthy weight.

Your goal should be about getting yourself out that initial hole you are in now, through which you are carrying excess weight. Furthermore, by reaching a better body weight level this enables you to become much more comfortable in the sense that you can start doing exercise.

Keep that in mind, the exercise program has to comprise both cardiovascular training as well as strength training. Some people mistakenly believe that the only exercise they should be doing is cardiovascular training however that isn’t the case at all.

When it comes down to improving your metabolic rate, strength training is very significant, meaning that you will lose weight at a much faster rate. Since being overweight applies massive amount of weight on both your joints and bones, which means that may potentially result in some adverse effects to your skeletal system; therefore, strength training can fortify your bones.

The obese individual is responsible to make sure exercise is done on a daily basis, but the person has to be very careful not to exercise to such an extent that may inflict immense amount of physical pain on the body. If you are not able to exercise on a day-to-day basis, exercising rigorously for about half an hour for at least 3 days a week can make a huge difference. However, since you are dealing with excess body weight it is best to exercise daily so that you can have an edge.

As human, we normally have tendency to dislike anything intended to help us that requires massive amount of sacrifices, persistence, and dedications. By saying that, people who are struggling with obesity don’t really like to exercise, for this reason it’s very important that they become accustomed to physical activity by building a positive relationship with it. This, in turn, will urge them to stay committed permanently.

Keep in that mind, when doing exercise there is threshold that you have to cross, once you pass that stage it is as though there is no turning back. The last thing that can taken into significant consideration is weight loss medication. Based on how obese you are, the doctors may prescribe you to take certain medications that can aid in improving the metabolism or bring down the appetite level.

As a reminder, using drugs should always be done under a doctor’s recommendation. An individual could be prescribed to use a particular weight loss medication in the event that the situation is so critical, which poses a tremendous risk to that person’s health because of all the excess weight.

The intent of that prescription is to ensure that obese individuals reach a much healthier weight, so they can stop using the drugs once they reach that level. Then in order to lose the remaining body weight a combination of diet and exercise should be implemented as soon as possible.

Therefore, you have learned so far the basic information regarding obesity. It is very sad to see that so many people are being inflicted with a number of terrible health problems due to obesity. When it comes down to this issue, there is so much at stake doing nothing is not an option.

However, if you are willing to deal with that issue right away, the changes may not be that big though, and this will pay off in a big way down the road as far as improving your overall health quality and well-being are concerned. Getting started is often the most difficult; in order words, the most painful step, so by making the first step and then everything will follow accordingly if you have a strong will to persist.