The Problem With Processed Foods

One of the stories that can be quite hilarious over the internet in reality can involve, of all things, even a McDonald’s Happy Meal. It’s been said that New York Artist whose name is Sally Davies bought a Happy Meal at Micky D’s instead of eating it, she put it on a shelf in the apartment where she lived. She took a picture of the Happy Meal one year later; everyone was stunned to learn that the food actually looked exactly the same way as it had been brought.

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How To Stay Healthy While On The Road

It’s quite obvious that we all live such a busy life nowadays.¬†First, we have to go to work, racing to pick up our children from school and oftentimes send them to their friend’s house so that they can practice school-related work, and on top of that, there are also chores that have to be done. That’s the main reason we are pretty much left with no time when it comes down to both planning and cooking every single meal, so this is where the temptation of having to visit some fast-food restaurants comes into play and it can sometimes be quite overwhelming.

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