The Amount Of Calories In Strawberries

Well, that would be quite a weird thing to talk about fruit in the same context we do regarding “fast foods” such as onion rings, burgers, along with fries, while fruit is nothing more than fast food. In other words, it’s absolutely safe to say that fruit is healthy fast food. Fruit can be enjoyed in a raw state by carefully washing them, particularly fruits such as strawberries as well as other berries which don’t need to be peeled in order to eat them. These fruits are quite healthy for anyone who is interested in putting his or weight under control, or to live a healthier life.

Carbohydrates is the main source most calories in strawberries come from; typically, sugar. Furthermore, sugar is believed to be not a great source of calories; while, make no mistake, some sugar may be good for everyone when it’s the right kind and amount. Sugar is a substance intended to provide energy, and in the event that is used up right away, sugar is good for people who are very active along with athletes. The question is that how many calories come from something else in strawberries apart from sugar?

The amount of calories in strawberries per serving according to USDA.
One small (1 inch diameter) (7 grams) – 2 calories
One medium (1-1/4 inches diameter) (12 grams) – 4 calories
One large (1-3/8 inches diameter) (18 grams) – 6 calories
One extra large (1-5/8″ diameter) (27 grams) – 9 calories
100 grams – 33 calories
One cup, whole (144 grams) – 47 calories
One NLEA serving (147 grams) – 48 calories
One cup, halves (152 grams) – 49 calories
One cup, sliced (166 grams) – 54 calories
One cup, pureed (232 grams) – 74 calories

Therefore, it might be quite shocking to you that this fruit has a small amount of fat, an amount that is neglected in fact, however this is good fat. When it comes down to nutritional value, the best qualities come from their vitamins along with minerals. Consuming this type of fruit on a regular basis contributes to an individual’s daily requirement of vitamins C, K, as well as E. This fruit also contains other helpful nutrients. Just like other fruits, people often eat strawberries due to their antioxidants, which play a vital role in combating cancer as well as other diseases.

Eating raw strawberries provide water, fiber, along with other vitamins. Strawberries can be eaten as part of dessert such as shortcake or an ice cream sundae, their value make a dessert look somewhat healthier than it really is. When included in a smoothie, strawberries add lot of flavor to the mixture, as long they are both ripe and sweet. By combining 3 to 4 strawberries, some milk, half a banana, and yogurt can create a smoothie that is sweet without having to add sugar or honey.

Having said all of that, strawberries can also be part of salads, one that is popular which involves poppy seeds along with spinach. So, when blended together it produces a combination which is so tantalizing. Dried strawberries are both very sweet and enjoyable. A single cup fills with dried strawberries have much more calories than a cup of raw strawberries. They have more vitamin along with iron when consumed this way.

As a final point, excessive amount of fiber has the potential to disrupt an individual’s digestion process. Gas and bloating are side effect of consuming excessive amount of sugar. With that being said, moderation is always critical in everything; therefore, the best way of consuming strawberries is by including them into a well-balanced meal or snack having protein along with fruits and vegetables. The benefit of that is that the body can take the energies it gets from the sugar and make this last much longer. After all, strawberries are just a nice fruit to eat, perhaps you could amaze yourself by enjoying them.