Calorie Count In Grapes

Nowadays, so many people are trying to lose weight through the means of diet along with exercise. The reality is that maintaining or losing weight is very important in order to have a strong, healthy, along with a fit body. Therefore, when losing weight one of the main things that has to be taken into great consideration is the calorific content of foods. While, this is a convenient thing to do. However, the amount of calories a particular food has does not help that much in telling about their nutritional value. In fact, various foods, which have high level of calories count, are often better to consume than other foods that have fewer calories.

What really makes the difference is the kind of calories a particular food has. For instance, sugar constitutes most of the calories found in grapes. It is true that a small amount of grapes does not contain lot of calories, an entire bunch have about 100 calories. There is also a big chance that the simple sugars being consumed can turn into fat easily if you are not an active individual in the sense of doing your daily activities.

However, the good thing about natural sugars is that they are healthier compared to processed sugar. Eating raw grapes supply you with sufficient amount of water. Grapes have small amounts of iron, calcium, antioxidants, along with a number of vitamins, which comprise various vitamin B along with Vitamin C. Grapes are also rich in dietary fiber

The number of calories in grapes by USDA:
One cup (92 g) – 62 calories
100 grams – 67 calories
One grape (2 g) – 2 calories

Grapes, Thompson seedless:
100 grams – 40 calories
One cup (245 g) – 98 calories

Grapes, red or green:
100 grams – 69 calories
10 grapes (49 g) – 34 calories
One NLEA serving (126 g) – 87 calories
1 cup (151 g) – 104 calories

Grapes can be consumed in a number of ways than their natural state just like several other foods while still being enjoyable. Products such as wine, raisins, juice, as well as jelly can be made out of grapes. Therefore, when it comes down to wine the grapes always determine its color. Meaning that red wine is made of out red grapes and white wine is made of out green or white grapes. Wine has plenty of calories as well as juice and raisins.The main reason is that a considerable percentage of the water contained in grapes dissipate during the drying, juicing, or fermenting process.

This increases the percentage of the sugar content, as well as the percentages of other property.If you are suffering from anemia, it’s highly recommended that you eat raisins because of the high iron count contained in raisins. In fact, raisins have more vitamins than fresh grapes. When it comes down to calories both raisins along with grapes have the exact same calorie count. However, If it turns out that you need iron or calcium, it’s best to consume raisins that contain no added sugar.

Grapes are widely talked about for the antioxidants they contain regarding to wine as well as juice. In that case, it’s advisable that people drink small amount of red wine due to their tannins, which can actually protect us from many illnesses along with health problems. Tannins have antioxidant, which is critical in preventing cellular damage, consequently, may provide protection against cancer as well as heart disease. Therefore, drinking some wine occasionally is quite a healthy thing to do.

One of the items that should be avoided is grape jelly due to the fact it contains high level of processed sugar on top of the natural sugar, which really makes it unhealthy. The purpose of that sugar is to help the jelly hold its shape and texture. After all, it’s quite safe to conclude that the calories in grapes are not created equal.