The Amount Of Calories In Blueberries

Perhaps, not long ago you have thought about the number of calories found in blueberries. Several studies that been conducted on blueberries have concluded that they are very rich in key nutrients our bodies need. Like a number of other fruits, blueberries have few calories. That’s one of the main reasons people who are interested in both maintaining and losing weight are encouraged by fitness as well as trainers to make blueberries as part of their regular diet. Blueberries contain potassium, fiber, vitamin C, along with other important nutrients. These are the types of nutrients that clients will be getting by consuming blueberries as well as getting sufficient dosage of antioxidants.

What is the number of calories found in blueberries?

The amount of calories in blueberries found in a particular serving is determined by various factors. For example, a serving of blueberries may contain about 100 calories. In order to correctly calculate the number of calories in blueberries many other things have to be taken into consideration. Raw along with frozen blueberries may not have the same amount of calories.

Guideline has been developed by various nutritionists for the purpose of counting calories found in blueberries. Let us take a thorough a look.

– A cup filled with fresh blueberries has about 83 calories.

– A cup filled with unsweetened or frozen blueberries about 79 calories.

The amount of calories in blueberries by USDA:
100 grams – 57 calories
50 berries (68 g) – 39 calories
One cup (148 g) – 85 calories
One cup of frozen blueberries – 79 calories

Blueberries, Alaska:
100 grams – 61 calories

One of the key features regarding blueberries is that they can be included in various kinds of recipes due to the fact they are considered as low calorie food. Thus, an individual does not have to worry that much about calorie increase. In fact, you can include a tablespoon which could contain about fifteen calories if you are using a large tablespoon fills with blueberries into your oatmeal or cereal. Adding a half of a cup to Greek yogurt or low-fat vanilla is something that is enjoyable to some people. Blueberries can also be used for the purpose of adding both nutritional punch as well as more flavor to hundreds of different fruit smoothie recipes.

Blueberries contain about 85 calories

Another way of adding more nutrients to your diet without having to increase your daily caloric ingestion substantially is by making use of blueberries to both baked goods as well as pancakes. That is why they are widely used in muffins along with breads. It’s imperative to ensure frozen sweetened blueberries are avoided completely for the sake of keeping calorie count down to a minimum. One cup of blueberries can be added to waffle as well as pancake mixes before cooking. Furthermore, you can also sort of add blueberries to both puddings along with fruit salads. Blueberries are just great adder to various types of desserts.

Calories warning

It’s important to realize that the type of recipes you choose to eat determines the number of calories that will be ingested into your body. Therefore, it’s good practice for you to make sure that you prepare your own meals. For instance, a single blueberry muffin can contain up to 120 calories per serving in the event that you are making use of a particular recipe contains low level of calories. Foods like treats can be consumed but always with moderation. If you have time it’s imperative that you cook your own meals. The main reason that many professional health experts recommend people to cook and prepare their own meals is that by doing so they will be able to exercise more control when it comes down to properly evaluating calories count. 

Things like sauces, which contain blueberry jams, blueberry pie filling, must be used cautiously. Although, these foods may be quite delicious, however they contain high level of calories and sugar. Therefore, it’s critical that you pay close attention to the label on blueberry jam as well as blueberry pie filling cans in order to constantly keep your calorie down to a required amount. In short, as mentioned previously blueberries does not have high level of calories, however calories count can be increased dramatically when it is used as part of other recipes.

Health Benefits Of Blueberries

Blueberries are load with a powerful nutrients known as antioxidants fight the devastating impacts of free radicals on our cells. Antioxidants are helpful in reducing the risk of a number of disease such as cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and so on.